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You can control and manage your hotel centrally from your mobile app.


Mobile apps allow you to give a super power to control and track your hotel activity.


Give your guest a smooth experience while check in and check out.


Get after sale service and installation for your hotel to automate.


Ready to dive into the "Internet of Things" to automate your hotel. Try with our products tested for each room in the hotel.

Comfort 80%
Energy Savings 34%
Guest Satisfaction 99%
Security 80%

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Hotel Automation is connecting the hotel to the your heart of your guest with the mobile app that helps in control and manage your room from any place in the city.




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Frequently asked questions

Hotel automation helps in using technology to automate or remotely control various household devices. Ex, the control of lighting, AC, fan, etc. This typically requires the install of a dedicated installation of wired or wireless connections.

Most of the things.

The easiest way to ensure the possibilities, Just look around your hotel and count all the stuff that’s connected to a grid (electric or network), and pair it up with all the things that can be measured (temperature, humidity, etc.), tracked (door movements, motion, activity, etc.) or controlled (electronic devices). You add them up, and you have the answer to all the possibilities offered by Internet of Things (IoT).

If you wish to explore the various hotel automation possibilities, checkout our “concepts”, or if you wish to know how they can be applied, navigate through the “use-cases”.

We spend so much time and capital to make our hotel beautiful, but we spend little to nothing to make them functional  for an excited guest experience.

For instance, every car has sensors that automatically detect intrusion and trigger an alarm; every smartphone has ambient sensors that automatically adjust the brightness based on external lighting; why don’t we have the same for our hotel rooms?  Why do we still have inefficient mechanical switches that don’t sense our presence, and have to be turned on/off manually?

Hotel automation technology is what makes your hotel intelligently functional, like your car or smartphone.

It allows you and your guest to control connected appliances, read environmental data, sense intruder movements, change ambience, manage mechanical devices, and do a lot more. It provides you the flexibility to control everything in your hotel from your smartphone, tablet, computer or using just your voice.

In the end, if we spend so much on making the hotel look good, why can’t we invest a fraction of it in making the hotel feel good?

No. We are smart hotel enablers; not device manufacturers.

We procure devices from some of the best hotel automation brands in the world, test them for quality, and guide you towards installing them in your hotel. We also provide lifetime support and professional installation on all products purchased through our store.

Yes, absolutely.

Since we stock products from only the top brands in the world, you get to experience some of the smoothest, most intuitive and well-designed product experiences.

We promise to get you rolling in no time.

That’s perfectly fine.

Most of the hotel automation systems would still work, but the whole experience would become a bit restricted, since there’s no way to send instant notifications or control things remotely.

So, we highly recommend getting a smartphone, if you don’t have one already. There are no stringent requirements, either. Any mid-range iOS/Android phone would do.

Different hotel automation systems operate on different protocols. Some of the most popular and widely used hotel automation protocols are Zigbee, WiFi, Z-Wave, EnOcean, Thread and RF, while a few wired systems operate through the Cat3 cable.

However, at Smartupdeal, we believe that your hotel should stay as beautiful as it is.

Our whole hotel automation experience has been designed to operate wirelessly, so that there are no ugly wires running across your walls. That also means you can install, port and relocate devices as your needs change.

To know more about the various hotel automation technologies that we support at Smartupdeal, checkout our “wireless technology” section.

We understand that this can be a huge concern, especially if you’re buying a security kit. And that’s the reason we endorse security kits that can trigger a local alarm, even without an active Internet connection (Zigbee/RF/Z-Wave operated).

As an add-on, we also provide an auto-failover router that automatically switches to a wireless alternative, when your primary Internet connection gets inactive.


Just like a smartphone can only be turned on instantly if it’s in the “standby mode”, you’ll need to keep all the connected devices in standby mode to operate them remotely.

If you’re concerned about how much power they will draw, don’t worry. Typically, light bulbs and smart plugs consume anywhere between ~1.7W to ~3.5W when put on standby. Doing the math, even if these devices are kept on standby 24*7, they’ll not consume more than 2 units/month (approx.₹ 0.33/day).

Choosing the best system is now simpler than ever. We have handpicked the best products in every package, so that you enjoy the best possible hotel automation experience. Just pick the best plan, based on the pre-defined concepts and use-cases, and leave the rest onto us.


If you wish to buy products from a specific brand or want a customized automation setup, checkout our shop. In case the product you want is unavailable, write to us at: info@smartupdeal.com, or simply drop your query, here.

When you purchase from Smartupdeal, you get:

  • Free onsite installation
  • Personalized setup and scene configuration
  • Expert Consultation
  • Products from some of the “most reputed brands”
  • Free Lifetime Support

To know more about why we provide the best automation experience in India, checkout our “Smartupdeal Advantage” page.

If there’s any manufacturing defect with the device, we provide an immediate replacement/refund. In case it’s an integration issue, we make sure we reconfigure the setup and get your system running again.

In either case, we ensure it’s a win-win for you.

Yes. All products purchased from Smartupdeal come covered under standard manufacturer warranty/guarantee, which ranges from anywhere between 2-10 years.

All products purchased from Smartupdeal come with dedicated product support. That means, when things go wrong, all you have to do is pick-up the phone and give us a call on: +91-8272000707. You can even shoot us an email at: info@smartupdeal.com or leave your technical query, here.  Once you send us an email, give us at least 24-48 hours to respond.

Sure. If you would like to use the device for only a given time period, contact us, and we would be happy to help you out.

Our clients say

"Open words, when we were approached by these guys for the smart hotel solutions. But, when we tried their solution for a week, we were simply blown away. It’s like… they turned my hotel into a sci-fi adventure. I could now turn on my lights with my smartphone, talk to a virtual assistant to get things done."
Hilary Leigh
"Smartupdeal doesn’t resell tools and services only. Smartupdeal doesn’t believe in “Fake promises”, but they do believe that automation is going to be important for most life. They start with business problems rather than technologies and they help you work out your priorities."
Hall Read
"I always look for things that balance simplicity and sophistication. And that’s what I felt in working with Smartupdeal. I was impressed with their out-of-the-box ideas that great functionality and design into one fabric– technology. I love their mood lighting schemes and seamless security setup."
Quintin Angus
"I am very happy with smartupdeal's work. You guys providing after sales service and installation with hotel automation package. In the starting of project and up to the delivery of project. I've experienced smooth flow of work. Now, everything is working fine without any problem since 2018. That's unexpected to me"
Jillie Tempest
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